Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To Thaw or Not to Thaw?

Ok. I. Do. Not. Get. Thawed meat. If I thaw meat, why can't I just toss it back in the freezer without cooking it? Now, I know that Google could answer this for me, but it's more a theoretical discontent than an actual desire for knowledge. So. Eh.

But here's why I'm discontent: the meat in the refrigerator section at Woodman's yesterday was frozen. Frozen. In the refrigerator. I want to marinate chicken and fish and then freeze it in the marinade. What's a girl to do if it's already frozen, Woodman's?? What, I ask you? Alright, if we're being honest, I'm pretty sure my knowledge that you shouldn't refreeze raw meat comes from a Babysitters Club book. The one where Claudia cooks with her grandmother. And I guess I need to go to Google anyway, because now I'm really overwhelmed with the need to know if Babysitters Club has a possessive apostrophe or not. Is it a club of babysitters? Or is it a club that belongs to babysitters? This is what teaching Foundations of English II has done to me.

Dude. It's not possessive. I could have  sworn it was. And you *can* refreeze!! As long as it's been refrigerated the whole time!! Sweet.

Tonight's dinner: Weight Watchers Layered Mexican Chicken. T'was fine. Fine enough that I'm going to pass along the frozen portion. But not fine enough that I'm going to spend time typing out the recipe. It needed salt. And salsa. And seriously - I have no use for a recipe that calls for "teaspoons" of cumin. When it comes to cumin, go big or go home.

In other news, for this to work optimally, a pantry reorg is in order. I'm embarrassed to show you the before. Don't judge, please. And yes, that is an empty growler. And no, I don't know how long we've had it.
Um. The result is actually a little disconcerting. I'm not sure how to deal with the space and organization....Hold me?


  1. Would they have had to add another block for the apostrophe? And, can you freeze salsa?