Monday, January 31, 2011

Everyday Food

If you've got 12 bucks and want easy, varied recipes then subscribe to this: Martha Stewart's Everyday Food.

I got this over a year ago because I had some United miles that were going to expire. (I also got the "parenting" magazine Cookie. This was the single most inane "parenting" literature I have ever laid eyes on. With the exception of Gwyneth Paltrow's ridiculous, self-absorbed, oblivious, privileged blog, GOOP. Gwennie thinks she's a "working mom." Yeah. I get that she works. And is a mom. No. Sorry. Anway. Go there for a laugh. The feelings I have on Gwyneth are varied and lengthy, I'll spare you....)

But. Back to the issue at hand (Get it? Issue? Cause its a magazine? Oh hush.). Despite my Grandma Kits' opinion of ol' Marth*, Everyday Food has easy, time conscious recipes that arrive in your mailbox just as you're starting to get bored. Once a month I go through it right away and dog-ear probably two weeks worth of recipes, then take my shopping list directly from the magazine.

Well worth $12 for those of us who rarely make the same recipe twice.

*Kits was the sweetest woman you'll ever meet, always proper, always something nice to say about the situation. But she didn't miss a thing. One day in the mid-90s, Kits was in the kitchen while two rooms away my aunt and I were discussing some of Martha's pros and cons. All of a sudden, sweet Kitser calls out, "That Martha Stewart! She's a drunken slut!" Hee.

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