Sunday, January 8, 2012

Two Small Things

Thing the First:
I'm sure I've shared this before. The almost-five-year-old won't eat what I make for dinner. In fact she has even taken "tasting bites," declared it "yummy," and  promptly refused to eat anymore. She will state, "I don't like what's for dinner" before I even know what's for dinner. So imagine my shock when I turned around the other night and she had hoovered up the half portion of these corn bites before I had even sat down, and was politely asking for more. She ate two and a half. The rest of us enjoyed them too. I made them in my popover pan. They are not what one would call "healthy," but if it gets a vegetable into my child at dinner with no screaming, I'll make them every damn week.

Thing the Second:
Just an update on the quinoa burgers that we already loved. I made them last night substituted half a red pepper and a handful of spinach, both minced, for the shredded carrot. Even better than before. I am now envisioning shoving all kinds of random veg in these. I also omitted the sugar (which I used instead of Splenda) and saw no difference.

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  1. Thanks for another shout out on the burgers! I LOVE the thought of adding spinach to them!