Friday, February 10, 2012

Rocking Your World

This is not my idea, but it is revolutionary. This idea comes from the Lovely Susan's hippie sister who seriously lives in a commune and possibly a yurt, but the yurt part might be extrapolation on my part. Here is the amazing idea:

There. Are you sufficiently amazed and awed?
I thought so. 

For those of you not cool enough to understand what that is, it is all my veggie scraps that I saved in the freezer for a couple weeks. There are onion skins, dried out ginger root, wilted celery stalks, potato and carrot peelings, cauliflower butts, chard trimmings, bell pepper name it. Here it is boiling in a bunch of water for awhile. I know you like super precise instructions. You're welcome. I filled the pot and boiled it til it looked like broth - is that better? 

Then I poured the cooled broth into mason jars, frozen them, put lids on them, and now I don't ever need to buy broth again! But don't forget the cooling part, otherwise you'll end up with a bunch of broken mason jars. Not that I know that from experience. Ahem. Happy brothing!!

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  1. Thanks for the instructions! I threw out (well, actually garbage-disposal-ed) a bunch of veggie scraps last week, and thought in passing, "I should save these to make stock." You're my inspiration for next time. Now I just need that vegetarian friend to come over so I have an inordinate amount of vegetable tops left over.