Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I'm curling up on the couch on the eve of Snopocalypse Comes to Rockford, with a glass of wine and a hand-me down copy of Don't Panic- Dinner's in the Freezer (the previous owner of this book said it wasn't helpful because it doesn't actually make the meals and put them in the freezer. So she passed it on to me). And before my gay husband, NPH, comes on, I have a few random thoughts for you:

Leftover night is like a buffet!
I've never been into leftovers. I go through periods of dutifully storing them away in the fridge. Until they mold. And then awhile longer. Usually until I have to just throw the whole container out because I don't want to smell what's in there....though I'm probably setting medical science back decades by not donating some of it to research. But we're on a budget now, and I'm cooking lots and lots. So tonight we had leftovers and it was awesome! I had Italian Polenta Casserole and Quinoa Salad. Matthew had some of that over-purchased chicken that I browned with taco seasoning and refroze before Claudia's grandmother was proven wrong re: thawed meat. It was delightfully easy. I think I might be a left-over convert.

Cooking for your body -- an experiment.
So at Thanksgiving, my sissy made me a delightful coffee and olive oil body scrub, and extolled the virtues of olive oil as a facial cleanser. I've been meaning to make the scrub, but I was hesitant to do the facial cleanse. I mean, I've always had oily skin - pouring oil on top of oil doesn't seem like the best plan. But it is so effin' dry around here these days! I thought it can't hurt to try. So this afternoon I massaged olive oil into my face, particularly around my eyes, put a steaming washcloth over it for a few minutes until it started to cool, then wiped my face clean and splashed it with cool water. I'll let you know if tomorrow I look fresh and dewy, or like my 16 year old self *shudder*.

So I know just enough about search engines to stand in the front of a high school class and sound like I know what I'm talking about. I know that you have to link to external sites for the "spiders" to eventually find you (done) and list you in the engine. Then you have to have the search terms. Here's where I get hazy on the details. So here goes:
Here, Spider, Spider, Spider!! Make ahead meals! Freezer dinners! Make and freeze! Frozen dinners! Ok, computer people...how'd I do??

Gratuitous NPH picture:

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  1. Good stuff. Write one about leftovers you would feel comfortable serving to NPH.

    Also, using the modifier "effin'" is unacceptable. If anything, put a f*cking asterisk where the vowels go.