Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dinner for tonight

I made these Charred Corn Tacos from Smitten Kitchen for dinner last night. They were uber-yummy, even though I persist in calling it "scorched corn" for no apparent reason. And despite the fact that I forgot to add the chili powder and feta. But did add some red bell pepper when I added the "scorched" corn.

Do you know how many times you can type "scorched" before it looks weird? Twice. You can type it twice before you start doubting yourself and spell check it. And google it.

Anyway, despite all my omissions, they were delicious. So just imagine how awesome they'll be if you do it right? And even more awesome if you wait for a week or two until there's corn at the Farmers Market. (Hey, remember my Babysitters Club apostrophe angst? Well, I have similar Mother's Day angst. And, it turns out, Farmer's Market angst. So there you go, it's universal...but in the Farmers' Market case, the internets are unhelpful. All I'm sure of is that it is not Farmer's Market - because that would imply it was a market belonging to a single farmer, and that's not true. Hrmph.)

I love that in this recipe Deb (you know, I can call her Deb 'cause we're *totally* best buds. And by best buds I mean that  I read her blog fairly regularly. Well, it's in my reader and I look at the blog post titles when I have two seconds of my own to think about being creative, food-wise) suggests that you remove the toddler from the kitchen. It was helpful in convincing the husband to remove the children (coughandhimselfahem) from the kitchen and leave me in peace with my wine and loud music for their own safety. But she was right! Dang. I jumped a mile when that first kernel popped. The one year old would have screamed. Because he didn't have any wine to calm his nerves. Ahem.

/senseless ramble

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