Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Break Week

Next week Cuz is out of town, so that means I'm taking a break this week. But I have to tell you about the Mac and Cheese I made last night.

I am sick. The baby is sick. It is cold - again. The girl-child is turning 4 and depressing me. Dog days of winter, indeed. So. I needed comfort. Comfort in the form of carbs, of course. Does it come in any other form??

I made PW's recipe. I went in with my usual blind trust. Experienced brief, but intense, doubt in the form of much gloppiness. But 'twas a success!! Very, very nummy. Don't doubt the P-Dub. Ever. Even if it looks like this:

I had an even better kind of break this weekend and went to Madison to meet Best Friend. We braved the protesters, found parking even, and ate at Nostrano. Best Friend's cousin and his wife are the owners/chefs....and it was all delightful (though the company and comped desserts might have colored my opinion, I kinda think my delight was genuine). But I can't stop thinking about the oxtail and scallop appetizer. I can still taste the texture difference between the stringy ox and the perfectly cooked scallops. Mmmmm......The rabbit confeit was a close second, the pork shoulder very yummy, and the brussel sprout salad a nice addition. The desserts I don't remember much about except that they involved really yummy, house-made gelato.

Also, brunch at the Old Fashioned (also on the square) where I had some tomato jam that I'd really like to experiment with in the fall. I hope I remember. Not that I'm prone to making grand plans that then get aban....Hey look! Shiny! But this recipe looks good. Actually, I have some frozen tomatoes in the freezer. Perhaps an afternoon nap project? I'll keep you posted (snigger, I do love a good pun. And also bad ones. Sorry. Done now).

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