Tuesday, February 15, 2011


You know what's awesome? Putting tequila on your grocery list. *Heart*. You know for a legitimate purpose! Like Broiled Chicken with Tequila and Lime. From the regrettably out of print book the 5 in 10 Cookbook: 5 Ingredients in 10 Minutes or Less by Paula Hamilton (Hearst Books, 1993)....borrowed from the Lovely Susan.

It's a marinade (tequila, honey, lime zest and juice, cumin [God, I love cumin {my parenthetical asides might be getting out of hand}])....but I'll probably have to test the tequila. Just to make sure it's ok. You know. Like Julia.

Also going on the list: stuff for White Chili (I think I'm going to stick with the alterations I made here. It was so good, why mess?), the Stuffed Peppers, and Moroccan Hamburgers. Yesterday I made a veggie lasagna using the same recipe for marinara that I used for the manicotti and then ricotta, mozzarella, shredded zucchini, and sauteed mushroom for ours - none for Cuz. Basic, but it was tasty.

I deeply regret that I will, once again, miss my Thursday night chance to see Mutt and Jeff. Sad, sad. I hope they are still working next week. To make up for it - some gratuitous NPH:

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  1. Mmm...tequila. Maybe you need help testing it to make sure it'll be okay for your recipe. Maybe I should buy some of the same brand and test it here too. Just to help you out, of course. :)